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Monday, July 28, 2008

Oracle Role Management Seminar with Deloittes

Last week we completed two successful seminars in Sydney and Melbourne on Role Management for the Enterprise. The two events had strong representation from all of Oracle's major customer segments including manufacturing, government, and especially the financial services industries or FSI. A lot of the organisation's that attended have already began or completed Identity Management projects and are now looking at how to harness that existing infrastructure better into the business. IDM projects offer great productivity gains with users gaining from technologies like self service for password resets and single sign on for simplified logins. The IT organisation benefits from IDM due to the automation that provisioning offers in account creation and the reporting that can be produced when compliance comes knocking. Role Management can integrate with any IDM system today including Oracle, SUN, IBM or Novell.
Read this document on Scribd: Oracle Role Management Business Level

What IDM doesn't offer is the ability to reflect how an organisation actually functions. Since IDM uses LDAP as its primary data store organisations are mapped in a hierarchy map that mirrors fixed org reporting structures or geographic alignment. We all know that informal, formal and dotted line reports all make up the matrix or reporting structures that is the modern enterprise. IDM up to now couldn't cope well with these structures. Role Management overcomes these obstacles by allowing management of roles and fluid business units. Empowering the business owner to decide who should have access to a system by granting a role access as apposed to granting entitlements in a database or application. This allows business to become more agile by empowering the business unit to make access decisions to systems that are required for a project or on a permanent basis.

Role Management removes a lot of complexities also. I talked about a case study of a USA retailer that had over 10,000 entitlements or manage. Think of an entitlement as an type or access grant to any system - LDAP, Mainframe, WEB or traditional business applications like CRM and ERP. By implementing Role Management the business could now manage 15 roles which sounds a lot simpler than 10,000 entitlements.

I would like to thank Deloittes, their presentation which covered Role Base Access and how to build a business case was very well received.

Read this document on Scribd: DTT RBAC Presentation 20080724

If you have any further questions please contact Oracle or myself. And if you attended thank you for your time last week and hope to see you at another event in the future.
Here is the full podcasts of both sessions.


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