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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oracle ANZ Blogosphere Highlights

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More lost or stolen data

The (Oracle) Red Room – June 27
Carl Terrantroy
Michael Specht posted an interesting article on his blog regarding the continual problem of organisations loosing sensitive information. I posted a reply outlinning some other challenges around data protection. This is indeed an area where Oracle has a significant value proposition to help protect an organisation.

More on The Phoney War

Dev2Dev – June 12
Sean Boiling
Oracle employee Day Five. My first week as an Oracle employee draws to a close with more exposure to Oracle people as we plan a product roadmap session for the Sales Managers and Sales Consultants. We got some Product Management people in, along with a couple of us from the Sales Consulting side of things and have planned a full day of product roadmap training next week before going straight into the full Oracle Sales Kick-Off for Australia/New Zealand…

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More stolen data

Michael Specht – June 25
Standford University is the latest large organisation to be involved in unintentional leaking of personal data. A laptop was stolen that contained the personal details of 62,000 former and current employees.
Comment by Oracle’s Paul Ricketts

Oracle Mix: Time Running Out To Vote For OOW 2008 Sessions

Richard Foote’s Oracle Blog – June 28
Richard Foote
Just a quick note to say time is running out for anyone interested in suggesting or nominating for a session at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld via Oracle Mix. Nominations close this coming Monday, 30 June 2008, so you don’t have much time left if you wish to nominate a presentation that might be of interest to folks attending OOW 2008. If you think you have something interesting to contribute, go on, give it a go !!

Time for a name change? JDeveloper -> Fusion Developer

One Size Doesn’t fit all – June 16
Chris Muir
I'm sitting in on the first day at the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference, the Fusion Middleware Symposium, and it struck me I think JDeveloper is a poorly branded product. From a technical point of view, Oracle has massively expanding the product beyond its humble Java roots, from the inclusion of SOA/BPEL, through to growing WebCenter support, and the return of SQL Developer as a plug-in (or spin off, take your pick). In turn the traditional code-centric Java ADF applications are being left behind, replaced with exceedingly declarative solutions in both ADF BC and ADF Faces RC (in fact I've recently completed day long demonstrations of JDev 11g without writing a single line of Java code!).

Psychology of why reuse fails - courtesy of GeekAndPoke

Aide Memoire – June 8
Kate Carruthers
This amusing cartoon by Geek and Poke captures one of the important reasons why so much of our planned software reuse fails. Thus projects often fail to achieve the economy of scale benefits from the business case.
Comment by Oracle’s Saul Cunningham

Enterprise 2.0 & HCM vendors

Michael Specht – June 5
There have been several posts recently about Web 2.0 and Human Capital Management (HCM) vendors saying it is more than a fancy user interface (UI), which seems to be all HCM vendors are promoting at the moment. On that front I could not agree more, but I would take things to a deeper level.
Comment by Oracle’s Amit Avasthi

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