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Friday, August 1, 2008

ANZ Technology Kick Off Data Security and PCI DSS

I would like to thank Michael Ryan from Vectra Corp who presented at Oracles Technology Summit in Sydney this week. Mike explained how PCI DSS is impacting organisations in Australia that store credit card details. Mandatory compliance will be introduced later this year around PCI, this means that organisations that have been delaying their complaince run the risk of a fine or multiple fines being issued by MasterCard or Visa. At worst merchants may loose the right to transact with credit cards.

So is technology needed for PCI DSS? well the short answer is not really. In the USA organisations have survived through mosts compliance regimes without implementing technology solutions. But what they are now fining is that complaince is costing a lot of money. So now that organisations are compliant they are now looking at how to reduce the compliance costs. This is where technology has an important play since automation is the key to reducing costs. Some of the requirements of PCI include keeping patching upto date, user access secuirity, encryption and auditing. All of these can be supported by Oracle's security solutions that will lock the database down and manage access and authorisation requests.

Here is Michael's presentation

Here is my introduction slides
Read this document on Scribd: Datasecurity

If you would like more information please contact myself or Vectra

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