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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Last Redroom Post

To all our readers and followers

this marks the last post ever to the current RedRoom site. We have moved the RedRoom blog to a new Oracle community site located at OJAM. Please redirect your RSS subscriptions to this new site as we will be posting our content here from this point moving forward.

Thank you to all, we have over 3500 followers of this site - we hope to see you all at OJAM in the future.

Paul & the RedRoom team.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oracle Launches 11gR2 and OJAM.BIZ


today, Oracle launches 11gR2 AND OJAM.BIZ.

OJAM.BIZ will replace the Red Room as Oracle ANZ's blog and establishes the world's first Oracle community portal.

Please join us at OJAM.BIZ


Monday, September 7, 2009


Red Room Followers - Watch This Space!!

We are working on an exciting development to the Red Room - launching this coming Thursday at the 11gR2 event at the Hilton Sydney.

More to come Thursday morning, stay tuned!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oracle releases Database 11g R2!!!

Oracle releases Database 11g R2!!! Consolidate, Compress, Control.

Today we announced the release of the latest version of the Oracle Database on Linux 32bit and 64bit. The install files can be downloaded off of the Oracle Technology Network by following the following link: 11g R2 Download There is also another dedicate site which can be found here: Oracle Database 11gR2 Homepage

We are continuing a tradition of innovation in the database with a large number of improvements and enhancements that are all aimed at making things easier for Database Administrators as well as proving to show some tangible returns and savings in the way the database is managed. The official release homepage is here:
There are some exciting new technologies in the database in this release and some of these include:

Advanced Compression for OLTP
-Ability to now compress ALL data types, both structured and unstructured data. Compress large application tables allowing for strong performance and storage reduction in transaction processing. Improve query performance by searching through less data and only searching for compressed data as opposed to needing to uncompress and then search.

Instance Caging
-We've improved the granularity of the amount of control you have over your databases by introducing the new technology known as "instance caging". With this technology i am able to maintain Service Level Agreements by allocating a number of cores in a large server for use with a particular instance of the database. Example, in a quad socket quad core server (16 CPU cores) i could allocate 8 of those cores at ALL TIMES to the database instance used by the ERP system, then another four cores to the CRM system and another four cores for datawarehouse usage. This way if an application ever needs excessive CPU then the other applications aren't affected, more importantly your ERP system will still be able to communicate with your ERP DB instance allowing for business continuance.

The ASM Cluster File System
-As expected the ASM cluster File System or ACFS can be used for Oracle database files and Oracle software binaries, however the new advancement is the ability to use "general-purpose" file systems in ACFS covering the ability to store non-Oracle related files. Read-only snapshot capability is present with up to 64 point-in-time copies of the file system data available.

We have released a whitepaper that sums up the new technologies available in Oracle DB 11g R2, this whitepaper can be found here: Oracle DB 11gR2 Whitepaper
Our direction can be seen as heading towards achieving a self-automated, self-healing database with focus on reducing costs for IT (storage/management) and raising the bar in High Availability.

Would love to hear your feedback on our latest release!

Happy Installing (with 40% fewer install steps) ;)