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Thursday, July 17, 2008

NSW Government RM Suppliers

The Australian IT reported on the recently published NSW Government list of suppliers for records management.

"The NSW government information asset management systems (IAMS) software panel will comprise of Vignette, Oracle, Interwoven, Alphawest Services, EMC Documentum, ELO, Netcat, Objective, Opentext, and Tower Software.

The move ensures the companies are able to supply NSW agencies and departments with software under the state's Government Selected Applications Systems (GSAS) Contract 2606.

New South Wales Public Offices can only use members on the panel for software purchases and are required to obtain three quotes.

The NSW Department of Commerce, the agency overseeing IAMS, describes information asset management systems as software applications that capture, manage and store physical and digital information (including documents, web content, business systems data, emails, images, audio, video and maps).

"They can also offer functionalities such as workflow, web content management and collaboration. These applications enable real benefits to be achieved through the effective utilisation of information as a corporate asset," the department says on its website."

We at Oracle are obviously pleased to be on the IAMS list - each of our counterparts has a place to play with government agencies who will access software from us. We all have a unique value proposition and capabilities list that will suit some uses and not others. The choice of vendors provides the NSW government with a great choice of vendors and partners to do business with - it is going to promote competition between us which is a good thing for the departments and their own customers - you, the public. We feel that our UCM and URM products in conjunction with the acquired technology from BEA (AquaLogic UI and WebLogic Portal) will provide a solid foundation for Enterprise 2.0 initiatives undertaken by the government.

Paul Ricketts

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