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Friday, March 14, 2008

Enterprise Information Management

On the 3rd March 2008, Oracle announced enhancements to the Enterprise Content Management platform at the AIIM conference and expo in Boston. Amongst the new feature and integration capability information was the announcement that the UCM platform integrates with the Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher. This is a core part of an organisations Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy and it is exciting that Oracle has brought together two acquired technologies with its own to provide this solution for our customers. This is highlighted in the following graphic:

Oracle's BI server provides the ability to abstract, model, cache, calculate, optimise, analyse and report upon data from a wide-variety of information sources – including relational databases and applications. The UCM platform provides four key capabilities to the enterprise include document and records management, collaboration, process management and web-content management – all falling under the ECM umbrella.

ThThis announcement brings these two technologies together by:

  1. Providing the ability for information (e.g. reports) generated by the BI server to be stored and managed in Oracle’s UCM repository leveraging this environment’s version management and security features.
  2. Providing the capability for the information to be published, under tight content management control, to an intranet or portal environment

Of course, the integration provides for more than a simple repository and publishing mechanism for our BI customers. The UCM platform is able to provide an unstructured repository that itself can be analysed and reported upon by the BI application which leads itself well into the world of eDiscovery. Supporting information can also be published by the UCM platform to support a report or a dashboard view of the enterprise, e.g. a set of scanned invoices can be made available to a report detailing accounts payable transactions from the ERP system.


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Tim Dexter said...

Hey Paul
Just to clarify. The BI Server is aquired - Siebel but the BI Publisher is a home grown Oracle solution :o)