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Friday, March 7, 2008

Protected Enterprise Workshop

On the 3rd and 4th of March we (Barry Matthews, Martin Lambert) ran two one-day sessions of the Protected Enterprise Workshop. The workshop allowed invited Oracle customers to get their hands dirty and build their own clusters, no viewlets or canned stuff, real environments. HP kindly donated the workshop infrastructure, and although we are not using the highest specification blade servers, the comments were “Geez this is quick”.

The workshop consists of 6 ‘C’ Class Xeon X64 full height quad core servers, and one half-height management server, including two workstations allowing three people to access one set of blades (3) each.

So what is the workshop??? Each team gets to install and configure Oracle clusterware (3 nodes), install and configure ASM (6 Luns on latest HP EVA), install Oracle software across the 3 nodes, Configure Oracle DB (DBCA). Then using the Grid Control Console they dynamically add and remove disks from a disk group with ASM, then de-provision one node from the cluster and re-task that node as a distaster recovery server using cloning, with ASM/Data Guard.

We asked the customers to rate the workshop out of 5 and the mean score was 4.72.

Customer Quotes “Very good to have an hour at the end for customised scenarios”
“This has given me a lot more confidence in manageing a RAC environment”
“I enjoyed this tremendously, and because it was hands on I believe I will retain a lot more details”
“Even though we went wrong, this showed us how to use the tools to troubleshoot problems”

Now you may ask, how do I get a go????? Well we are running another set of workshops in April for the people who couldn’t get a seat. So talk to you friendly Oracle account representative and ask. BUT!!!!!! There is a caveat at the moment. As this is real infrastructure located within the HP demonstartion facilities at Rhodes we are only offering this in Sydney at the moment..

So Melbourne customers, go and beat up HP, go and promise to buy lots of blade servers and we will bring it to Melbourne. No just joking, we will bring this to Melbourne probably June/July and then base it on 11g.

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