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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Corporate Blogs Are Cool

Since we started this blog, we've received a lot of constructive feedback from you - our readers - about our content, our mission and the strategy behind starting a messaging forum for the GTMi team here in ANZ. Overall, the feedback is positive - we are saying the right things to the right audience, which is great to hear.

Blogging is a cool way of getting a message out to your readers/partners/customers/prospects/industry-peers etc. and if you're thinking about using this initiative yourselves, we would give you every encouragement to do so. However, there are some things that you need to be aware of and take into account (refer to for more details)....

1. A blog should represent your interest, thoughts and opinions. Your blog will probably be characterized by an informal tone and a discussion centric approach.
2. Although most organisations, Oracle included, have a policy around blogging or social-networking on the web - you should always seek permission from somebody in authority before you start telling the world how you feel and ensure you stick within your corporate guidelines
3. Corporate disclaimers are a must - your own corporate policy will state the wording. Still be aware of your message and how it reflects on your organisation though.
4. Don't alienate your readership - a blog is a great way of improving internal and external relationships.
5. Don't lie, make things up or express an opinion that you wouldn't express face-to-face with your peers.

The team here are looking to deliver you useful and interesting content around our individual focal areas and we hope you enjoy reading our posts.


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