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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BAE Takes SOA From 0-100 In 3 Months

Check out this latest Oracle Video on YouTube of Craig Mackereth, Manager of Business Systems, at BAE Systems Australia talking about the SOA journey that BAE has taken recently. As one of the leading defense organisations with huge global reach they face all the typical challenges of managing a complex distributed application infrastructure and more.

Craig talks of the classic need of a flexible, scalable IT infrastructure that supports the acquisition strategy typical of the defense industry. The acquisition strategy gives rise to a real need to rapidly link together disperate systems. Craig details how BAE used Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Identity Managment Suite to link and secure Oracle eBusiness Suite HR, Finance and Maintenance Repair Systems to older legacy applications that needed to be kept in place with no changes. The use of SOA Suite in particular realised a responsive, more managable environment that supported future integration requirements arising from new acquisitions.

The work was done in 3 months with no prior knowledge of SOA and skillsets of many developers coming from Microsoft environments could be re-used with a small training effort. So much for the belief that SOA is too hard!

This system has since been given an Innovation Award at Oracle Open World in recognition of the rapid delivery of a valuable business solution. Its great to see real world examples of SOA in action.

[BTW there are plenty more Oracle videos at YouTube- just seach for "OracleVideo"].


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