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Monday, November 17, 2008

IT Focus - Internal or External, you decide for your future!

I have just read a fascinating post by Bob Evans over at Information Week entitled Shoot The Mantra: STOP 'Aligning IT With The Business'. In his article, Bob talks about two core concepts...

1. Traditional approaches to IT projects result in solutions that address yesterday's needs for the business and not tomorrow's because of a primarily internally focused requirements-set
2. To be successful tomorrow, companies need to look outside of their business and address the requirements of customers (and partners).

This whole strategy lends itself well to Web2.0 technologies and an Enterprise 2.0 mindset. Enabling a collaborative environment where internal and external users can participate in the business operations and have information delivered in context will allow the company to get closer to what their customers (who pay the bills remember) actually want and help define the future-state strategy in a clearer manner than in the past.

Bob goes on to say that 'this is a subject to which we'll surely be returning in the months to come' - we look forward to reading what else he has to say on this topic. The future of companies today (based upon current economic pressures) can be directly linked to how these very companies view their internal and external operations and communication channels. A company that engages its customers will be successful, one that doesn't is likely to fail.


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