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Friday, October 31, 2008

Enterprise 2.0

We're starting to gain real momentum in the Australia and New Zealand market around Enterprise 2.0 and I thought it time to publish something to you around this initiative. Oracle, way back in the early noughties, started to look at the management of unstructured content to supplement its ability to manage structured information for the enterprise. This resulted in the acquisition of Stellent in November 2006 - yes, that is 2 years ago already folks! Since acquiring the Stellent technology, we've spent time and resource bringing ECM functionality into Fusion Middleware.

Over the past month or so, we have been travelling Australia and New Zealand spreading the word about Enterprise 2.0 and what it means to both Oracle and to our customers and partners.

The following diagram nicely details the four areas of functionality that we provide through Enterprise 2.0....

For us here at Oracle, Enterprise 2.0 means bringing together content management, web content management, community, social-collaboration and applications together in a single enterprise-level offering. We are the first to offer such a comprehensive platform around Enterprise 2.0 and we are very proud of this!

Of the four key areas, the Community and Social-Collaboration components will be of most interest to organisations looking at ways of better-connecting with their customers and partners. This isn't just FaceBook or mySpace for the enterprise - it's a whole lot more functionality around the way that organisations need to work and it certainly helps satisfy the Generation-Y employees coming into business right-now who have been used to working in a particular way with their information, either through higher-education or otherwise.

Oracle launched its Social-CRM solution some months ago, and this was the real first-step into this market place. We started to provide the capability for users of Siebel to link through social-community environments such as LinkedIn to leverage information within their processes.

Look out for more events and announcements around Enterprise 2.0 in the coming months.


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