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Friday, May 2, 2008

WEB 2.0 for the Enterprise Technology Day

We have just completed the first Oracle Technology days for WEB 2.0 and the Enterprise. Attendance was quiet strong and from the feedback we have a lot of people wanting to know more about how to commence the journey of WEB 2.0 in the Enterprise.

A unique feature of these two events in Sydney and Melbourne was that Oracle utilised partners that are domain experts to deliver the content around Portal, SOA integration, Security for Mashups and Content Management for WEB 2.0.

Attached are the presentations from the events. If you would like to know more information please contact me or the relevant partner. Shortly we will publish the podcast that correspond to each presentation and also details of the follow up workshops. The workshops will allow each of you to get a hands on feel for how to integrated the various components of Fusion Middleware into existing corporate applications to gain WEB 2.0 experiences.

At the end of the 4 sessions we had a preview of Oracle's Social CRM or Seibel On Demand V15. Some WEB 2.0 features of this product i can see as offering real usability and productivity advantages to sales teams or anyone that is involved with customers. These features included integrated Instant Message IM, ability to leverage public API's from social sites liked linkedin to see how you can link to someone, for instance imaging if you need to contact a CFO within an account. You may now his/her name but that's it, if your sponsor doesn't have access what do you do? Well with these API's like linked in you could simply click a button within your CRM and the magic of WEB2.0 would occur. The result could be a list of people you know who can introduce you through their contacts to the CFO. We all know an introduction will be more successful than any form of cold call or unannounced introduction. Another feature is the ability to maintain customers contact information by leveraging their details with consent of course from these sites. Another feature was the ability to integrate portlets or widgets of CRM functionality into external portal sites such as iGoogle. All of this functionality is possible in your current CRM systems by leveraging the solution sets in Fusion Middleware.

Session 1 Oracle Portal Usability and Accessibility for WEB 2.0 Applications by Allan Jansen - UberConsult

Session 2 Enabling Enterprise Integration for WEB 2.0 Applications by Jerry Gaines - Intelligent Pathways

Session 3 Enabling and Securing WEB 2.0 Applications by Antony Krilis - Agreon

Session 4 Content Management for WEB 2.0 by Phil Hoppe - Astral

Enjoy the presentations and thank you for attending.

Carl Terrantroy

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