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Friday, May 16, 2008

Business Process Management Breakfast Seminar Series

Hi all,

we recently did a series of breakfasts around Australia covering most major cities. The topic was Business Process Management and its relationship to SOA. Over 300 people attended in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra with very positive responses to a stimulating set of presentations and discussions.

The event saw four great presentations from:

  • Professor Micheal Rosemann. Micheal is a world leading authority on BPM and a recognised thought leader. He spoke about the impact business process centricity is having on business, dimensions of success and future trends that are starting to emerge. Michael's presentation is available here.

  • Mervin Chiang. Mervin is a Principal Consultant with Oracle's specialist BPM Partner Leonardo Consulting. Leoanardo are the leading organsiation in Australia skilled in BPM and the ARIS toolset. The ARIS products form the basis of Oracle's Business Process Analysis Suite (BPA Suite) that allows Business Analysts and IT Developers to work in unison around a shared repository of business process definitions. Mervin gave a demonstration of the Oracle BPA Suite and SOA Suites using a system Leonardo has developed to support their Quote-to-Cash process. Mervin's presentation is available here.

  • Jack Harris. Jack is the Managing Director of the Watership Group. He has many years experience in helping organisations transform to be more agile using BPM approaches. Jack spoke about real world lessons learned from his involvement in several company changing initiatives at Fonterra. Fonterra uses Oracle SOA Suite and BPA Suite to streamline and refine their key business process. Jack's presentation is available here.

  • Saul Cunningham. Saul is the SOA Business Development Lead - Oracle ANZ. Saul spoke about how BPA Suite and SOA Suite work together. The key to understanding this is shown in the picture here:
This diagram shows three parts of the BPM Lifecycle. The blue zone is where the Business Analysts using Oracle's BPA Suite document the business - people, systems, data and processes - and the relationships between them using a business oriented tool. These process designs are written to a shared repository that is read by IT developers using a technical tool called JDeveloper. This is the green zone. Here the process design (called a "blueprint") is wired up to the systems, people and business partners that are required to make it real and executable. Once deployed into the running process server the process is then monitored by a Business Activity Monitoring tool (the brown zone). This is a key part of Oracle's SOA Suite that allows a real time view of how business processes are meeting the Key Performance Indicators of the business.

If you want to know more then register for the most convenient of a series of workshops that Oracle and Leonardo Consulting are running in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. The workshops will provide an indepth understanding of how Business Analysts and IT developers can close the business IT gap and make their organisations more responsive to change. You will see the complete lifecycle of BPM from:
  1. business process conception
  2. design in the business domain using BPA Suite (ARIS)
  3. transfer to IT using a shared repository approach
  4. construction of executable process in Jdeveloper
  5. deployment of process to Oracle BPM (BPEL)
  6. and monitoring of process with BAM
To register for the workshops click on this link

If you want to listen to one of the sessions the podcasts are below

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