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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hi from Saul


my name is Saul Cunningham and many of you will have met me in my travels as I go about spreading the message of Oracle Fusion Middleware and in particular the SOA layers [which of course are the most important! ;) ]. I am the GTMI Lead for SOA and my main role is getting other people as excited about Oracle SOA as I am!

Speaking of excitement I believe Oracle is THE place to be as the industry consolidates. It is good to know you are with an organisation that has the muscle and vision to emerge at the end of this period when there is so much flux occuring and everyone seems to be wondering who will buy whom next. I have been at Oracle for nearly four years and the company I worked for previously (BEA) is the latest in a long line of acquistions that Oracle has made. The result of this is that not many companies have the breadth and depth of Oracle. Our goal is to be able to provide any customer the solution to any problem they might have. Of course bringing these acquisitions together is a challenge - a challenge that is being addressed by Oracle Fusion Middleware. Oracle really does "eat its own dogfood" - as our leader Larry Ellison is fond of saying - and the proof of that is in the eating! We are using the integration, process management and activity monitoring capabilities of the SOA Suite components of Fusion Middleware to bring all the applications together into one happy family known as Fusion Apps.

So its great to know that the area I represent - Oracle SOA - is key to Oracle's future. It means I can passionately believe in the product I represent. So if you have heard me speak about SOA, and Oracle's capabilities in this area, and wonder why I seem so excited by it - well now you know why.


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