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Friday, February 22, 2008

3 weeks in and .........

It's been a grand total of 3 weeks since I joined Oracle from EMC - and already it feels like I've been here forever (in a good way of course!).

Oracle is a very interesting place to work, prior to EMC I worked for Documentum in the UK and there are so many similarities between Documentum and Oracle and so many differences between Oracle and EMC. Documentum, like Oracle, was a west-coast based software company that was an incredible amount of fun to work for. Annual kick-off events were always a showcase for our innovation as well as excellent opportunities to meet and network with colleagues from around the world. Software was the clear focus for the organisation and we had a flexible approach to sales and marketing that meant that we would adapt to rapidly changing market drivers. EMC is an east-coast storage giant, that happens to have moved into the software market through acquisitions of companies like Documentum and Legato amongst others. The first 18 months following acquisition were ok, but things changed and the changes made were drivers for my decision to look at the industry and see what I wanted to do next. I would guess that my story from EMC is similar in context to a lot of the Oracle employees who have joined this organisation through acquisition. The big difference here between EMC and Oracle is that we are a top-to-bottom software organisation that is well versed in acquiring organisations and assimilating technology. My advise, be patient and things will work themselves out.

Anyway, I was approached by Oracle with an offer to join and assume a new role within the GTMi (Go to market initiatives) team working for Carl Terrantroy. I joined on the 1st February 2008 and the last 3 weeks have been nothing short of enjoyable and interesting. I've met so may people who have had so many good things to say about the organisation. The products we develop and sell are second-to-none, my specialty is Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and we are certainly one of the leaders in the space from a number of perspectives - backing up the research undertaken by Gartner, Forrester et al.

My focus is content which encompasses Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration to name but a few initiatives. I will be driving campaigns within the ANZ region around these areas, working with marketing, channels, partners as well as the ECM team themselves.

You can find me on level 6 at North Ryde, stop by and say hello.


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