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Friday, July 3, 2009

Join Us For The Launch of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g

Thanks to our good friends at NASA for the launch picture. This is the space shuttle Discovery blasting off on July 4 2006, click for the details of mission STS-121.

Our launch is at 8:00 AM, on Thursday July 9 at the Hilton Hotel - 488 George Street, Sydney.

We're launching Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and you're invited, click here to register. We're going be joined by one of our product development Vice Presidents - Amit Jasuja - for the keynote session, and we'll follow that with overview sessions on the main product components of the 11g release - Identity Management, Enterprise 2.0, Application Grid and Service Oriented Architecture. Oh, and there's a lucky draw prize too!

7,350 years of development time have gone into this release so taking half a day out of your schedule seems a small price to pay. 7,350 years! That means that if you started developing today, you'd just be getting ready for your launch event in the year 9,359. By which time we will have all hung up our hydrogen powered personal jetpacks and just teleport oursleves everywhere right?

Once again, register here, and I look forward to seeing you there.


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