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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Your Web Presence in 2009

Hi All

There's lots of talk around the Global Financial Crisis and the impact it is going to have on businesses around the world this year. To remain successful, your business must acknowledge its web-presence and the importance it serves to your audience - your customers and partners. Knowing who your audience is and what they are interested in reading will help you publish the right content, keeping interest in your organisation and your products and maintain and grow sales. An interactive site, driven using Web2.0 technologies will go a long way to achieving this, allowing customers and partners to provide you feedback - that you hopefully take on-board rather than ignore - will help you remain relevant to your marketplace. But, equally as important is the content that you publish itself - this is what drives people to keep coming back to your site (assuming you don't just sell widgets online that-it!).

Your web-presence is your online marketing platform. Tell your audience regularly what you are doing, which direction you are taking and what you hope to achieve. Invest in getting your content right - not just on cool technologies within the website that actually provide little value - high-quality, informative and relevant. Your content should be targetted towards your audience and its effectiveness measured. Look to experiment, don't be afraid of failure and try to avoid over-personalised content where possible.

Happy online marketing


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