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Monday, September 1, 2008

August Aussie Blog Highlights…

Our regular round-up of what piqued our interest in the local blogosphere in August:

IT Project Management IS rocket science!
Aide Memoire – August 13
Kate Carruthers
For years I've been telling people that delivering successful IT projects is not 'rocket science'...
Inl. Comment by Oracle’s Saul Cunningham

Change management and technology implementation
InSpecht – August 20
Michael Specht
For many years I have felt that change management has been one of the most underrated and overlooked component during technology implementation...
Incl. Comment by Oracle’s Marc Caltabiano

The trouble with Enterprise 2.0
Aide Memoire – August 24
Kate Carruthers
It's not the technology that is the problem with adoption and implementation of enterprise 2.0, rather is the people, culture and habits we have built up in the workplace...
Incl. Comment by Oracle’s Paul Ricketts

Non-Unique Indexes and Direct-Path Inserts (What In The World)
Richard Foote’s Oracle Blog – August 6
Richard Foote
The OTN Database Forum has had some really good threads lately and something that came up was the question of indexes and Direct-Inserts which I thought might be worth a mention here...

Aside from The Red Room, there are several other local Oracle blogs, this month we thought we’d shine the spotlight on these two:

eDiscovery and Information Lifcycle Management
The Light Bulb Effect – August 14
Marc Caltabiano
This week I attended a customer event around the impact of eDiscovery for the legal community...

Social Networking: The Art of conversation
Oracle’s ANZ Recruitent Blog – August 8
David Talamelli
I have written a few entries on the increased use of Social Networks in the IT and the Recruitment Industry...

Finally – a couple Of Blogging Oracle ACEs presenting at Openworld this year:

A presentation trifecta
One Size Doesn’t fit all – August 14
Chris Muir
I'm happy to announce that my presentation "Back to basics: Simple database web services without the need for an application server" has been accepted at 3 conferences...

Alex Gorbachev at Oracle Open World 2008: Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware

The Pythian Blog – August 15
Alex Gorbachev
If a MySQL DBA from Pythian goes to Oracle Open World, it would be a shame not to send an Oracle bloke, so there I am — presenting a 90-minute session on the first day of the OOW 08 entitled Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware...

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